Twitter Launches Two New Features, Like and Star


Back presents two new features that users are better known Like and Star.

Since the year 2008, the user has to know that the Favorite feature is available and become part of Twitter.

In order to further popularize the feature, Twitter has redesigned zoom to be more prominent and more frequently used by the users.

One of the steps taken by Twitter is again presents two new features that are better known Like and Star.

Interestingly, the symbol ‘Star’ used by Twitter is also there to that used by Favorite. As seen in the figure, for the tweet that got Star / Like will be visible in the user’s profile page.

Until now, both of these features continue to be refined and tested on some users.

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly when the new feature that gives color to the user’s Twitter is going to be available to all users.

Some observers have stated that in the not distant future, both of these features will be used by the user. We wait.