Study: Teens Blood is Ageless Recipes

Kim Jong Il reportedly often inject himself with the blood of virgin teens to slow down the aging process.

The younger human blood has long been believed to be a drug life. One of the people who know to believe it was the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. He reportedly often inject himself with the blood of virgin teens, to slow down the aging process.

But apparently the belief was not entirely wrong. Saul Villeda, a researcher from Stanford University, U.S., found that the blood of young people have such youthful drug effects.

Villeda arrived at the conclusion after holding experiments involving mice. He mentranfusi blood of young mice to old mice 18 months. Transfusion process was carried out eight times a month. The results found that the connections in the brains of old mice increased to 20 percent after a blood transfusion done.

“One of the main things that changed in the process of aging is these connections. Much decreases as we age. If your connection is reduced, the neurons are no longer communicating, and suddenly you’re having problems in learning and memory,” said Villeda who presented research at the Society for Neuroscience conference in New Orleans, USA, on Wednesday (10/17).

According to the importance of this research could help people suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s related memory.

“While we still have the body control to prevent the disease, then we are not required to treat Alazheimer, we may just have to stop it,” said Villeda.

However, Villeda not the first study on this theme. In 2010, researchers from Harvard have blood circulation system connecting young and old rats, so their blood mingled. The result is a process that turned out to rejuvenate the blood-producing stem cells in old mice.