Skull Similar Alien Found in Mexico


Human skull intentionally shaped like alien heads were found in a 1000 year-old tomb in Mexico, according to the researchers reported as quoted by LiveScience.

Practice changing the shape of the skull has become common practice in Central America. But the latest findings were surprising because it suggests that the practice has also spread further north.

Grave was discovered in Onavas, a small village in Mexico, in 1999. The discovery occurred when local residents were digging irrigation canals. The tomb is the tomb of the pre-Hispanic era first found in Sonora, a state which is located in northern Mexico.

Historical site called El Cementerio, containing 25 bodies. Thirteen of them had a skull that has been altered, intentionally aligned to the rear, while the other five have teeth that cut.

Than 25 the rest of the body was 17 of which were children aged between five to 16 years. There are no signs of the disease which caused their death. The researchers suspect they were killed because of the tradition of the formation of the head.

But experts from Arizona State University that perform research that do not know the reason for changing the shape of the head of the local community as it is.

“The reason why the people in El Cementerio change the shape of their skulls are not yet known,” said Cristina Garcia Moreno, one of the archaeologists involved in the study.

Some of the bodies were found still using earrings, nose rings, bracelets, and necklaces made of shells from the Gulf of California. One of the bodies were buried with a turtle shell on his chest.