REVIEW: Advanced System Care Pro 8

Version 8.0 of Advanced SystemCare (ASC) by IObit software system, one in every of my favorite system maintenance programs, was free in mid-November. when running this major update for some of weeks, i’m happy to report that it’s a big improvement of associate degree already nice program. Here’s my review of this free laptop maintenance tool…

What’s NEW in ASC 8 Free?

First of all, Advanced SystemCare eight is remarkably quicker than ever before. It blazed through my usual choice of maintenance tasks in simple fraction of the time that previous versions required. The “one-click” simplicity of launching multiple tune-up/clean-up operations is as satisfying as ever.

But behind the massive blue “scan” button square measure additional choices than ever before, if you’re the sort of user UN agency likes to tweak each setting. ASC has additional ways in which to skin a cat than a taxidermist; they’re organized on tabs and in tree-like menus.

Newly accessorial may be a “Protect” tab which incorporates choices to shield your browser’s home page and default programme from hijacking, and toggles period aquatics Protection on or off.

The Price of Free

The new Performance Monitor shows the cooling fan speed and temperatures of CPU, motherboard, and video card. One-click performance boost and screenshots square measure obtainable. A Plugin/Toolbar Cleaner has been accessorial to observe and optionally delete unwanted additions to your browser. The Startup Manager module has been remodeled to supply one-click optimisation of startup items; some superfluous services are disabled whereas the loading of others are delayed. SmartDefrag has been renamed “Disk optimisation.” It currently includes optimisation of solid-state drives and one-click optimisation of multiple drives.

The cookie crushing module that was misnamed “malware threats” is currently referred to as “tracking threats.” That’s still to a small degree of a misnomer; the module treats harmless native cookies and probably invasive third-party cookies identical.

The “System Reinforce” tab identifies weaknesses in your Windows configuration that might enable hackers to achieve access to your system, and provides you the choice to correct them by selection or all at once.

For a “limited time” that’s lasted a really lasting currently, the professional version of ASC is out there for less than $19.99. It allows choices like a RAM cleaner, register Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, and Win Fix – a module that analyzes your Windows configuration and suggests tweaks which will boost performance or fix common issues. a brand new malware detection and removal system is within the professional version, too.
The Price of Free

ASC may be a capable maintenance and tune-up utility, however there square measure things I would like it might do otherwise. Differentiating between third-party cookies {and native|and native} cookies is one in every of them; I don’t like losing the local cookies that facilitate customized a website after I shed the chase cookies planted by ad networks. Currently, I’d have to be compelled to manually specify each cookie i would like to stay.

Some of the messages displayed when a scan square measure unnecessarily horrendous. i used to be greeted with “1023 issues FOUND” however after I clicked for additional details, it had been merely a matter of 1023 “junk” files within the Recycle Bin.

ASC additionally told American state on Action Center tab that i used to be “Not totally protected by third party anti-spyware program” and suggested American state to put in IObit Malware Fighter a pair of. I’ve already got Avast Antivirus and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, therefore my guess is that this is just a ploy to urge folks to put in the free version of Malware Fighter, with the hope that they will be persuaded to upgrade to a paid professional version.

After 1st putting in ASC, i used to be urged to put in a companion program referred to as Driver Booster. I declined, as a result of I’ve forever suggested against exploitation “driver update” programs, unless you’re having bother with a particular hardware part. Even so, when running the initial scan, ASC told American state “11 noncurrent Drivers found” and all over again urged American state to put in Driver Booster. I upgraded this laptop from XP to Windows seven back in April, and did all the motive force updates counseled by Microsoft at that point. I noted that there’s a paid upgrade to Driver Booster professional, so again, maybe that is the real reason IObit needs American state to possess the freebee.

Oh, and that i was additionally up on that there have been “DIsk optimisation problems found.” And guess what? there is a handy free tool referred to as good Defrag three that’ll fix the matter. does one assume there is a good Defrag professional available? Yup.

The Bottom Line: Yours, Mine and IObit’s

I don’t mean to diminish the nice things that ASC eight offers by mentioning these drawbacks. Overall, version eight of ASC may be a major improvement during a fine program. i am simply cautioning that you simply ought to expect many upsell pitches after you install any free software system.

Most people will not want the paid versions of ASC and every one its companion programs to stay their computers running swimmingly. however if you think that the paid options of a professional version square measure compelling, otherwise you simply wish to support the efforts of a corporation that offers away plenty of free quality software system, then opt for it.

Your thoughts on Advanced SystemCare by IObit square measure welcome. Post your comment or question below…