Reliable Online Store – iHerb + Discount Code

Trustworthy online stores

Some readers asking me about the safety and reliability of the US online store iHerb.comI very often make purchases with them, so I will be brief in this publication try to summarize their experience and opinion.

In Slovenia, it is difficult to be a real enthusiast with online shoppingThe high prices or evenunavailability of certain products is the reason that many people often decide to shop online.  Before every purchase of the most important question is security and reliability of the online store.

I’ll start with because it was the highest demand on my experience with this storeProbably because of their banner on the right sidewhich I will explain at the end of the publication.

Description is an online store in the USA, offering sports nutrition, dietary supplements, products for weight loss, healthy food (tea, nuts, sweeteners, coffee, cocoa, spices, herbs), cosmetics (especially care products) and products for the home (cleaners, and toys). Their offer includes a variety of brands in all price ranges.

I first heard of this trade, when it started enthusiasm Derma E products. I myself wanted to test how their product, but that prices in Slovenia are too high for my student pocket. So I iHerb orders cream, which was half cheaper than us! Many other brands that are with us as costly, have iHerb much lower prices (eg. EcoTools, Weleda, Aubrey Organics).

In addition to our brands also they offer many other brands in our country inaccessible. I myself am by browsing through the best rated products find some skincare products that previously did not know, but now they are my favorite (npr. Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque, which is iconic American product for skin prone to impurities and Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar).


When I first visited their storeI somewhat doubt their reliabilityThe website is looking very bleakand utterly impractical. At the beginning it is difficult to browse by categorybecause they arehidden in navigating the search engine  where it says Brand Names and Products. When youdiscover themyou will easily find the desired category.

I have to commend its search enginewhich works very wellEven if you do not know the exact name of the productyou will be in the search engine to find successThere is also a list of best-selling and product Best Sellers.

Shopping and Payment

When products accumulate in the cart and you want to payyou must first register or sign in with an existing accountThen you site-by-step easily leads to the completion of the acquisition and award of the contractYou can pay by credit card. Payment via PayPal is not possible.
The cheapest shipping on purchases of $ 80.00 and 1,814 grams costs just $ 6.00.


After submission and approval of the contract staff will your product is shipped to the same or next day. Shipment to Slovenia is normally carried 7-10 days.
The products are always packed in a box (not only in a padded envelopeand well protectedI myself once orders a glass product (specifically, glass tempering germ), which is also a happy andabove all arrived.

Special Discount

All we fall in free stuff and iHerbu to know very wellFor each purchase you will receive two samplethe product (egA filter teabeverageplate of food supplements, etc.).
At the same time with every purchase you can select one free product
Add to basket throw aproduct from heading Freebies! and continue with shopping. It is important to choose only one, since any further ‘ll be charge.

In addition to free samples has frequent campaigns of particular products or brandsThen usually they offer a 20% discount on all products of a specific brand.

The advantage that convince me to do the first purchase iHerb.comIt associated with said banneron the right side of my blogiHerb is offering to all new customers $ 5.00 discount on your first order.

When you select the desired items in your shopping cart enter the code JEL323 (where the red boxin the image) and click the Update buttonGiven that the postage is $ 6.00, you can save thisdiscount almost all the costs of delivery.
When purchasing you will receive a code that can be used by your friends and bring you a few percent of their purchases.