Oranum Review

Oranum is one of the new psychic service online which offers a vast selection of psychics deals. They may be relatively new in the network in United States, however, they have been existing in the business for numerous years in Poland (its main headquarters and where the organization is founded as well). Also, this online psychic service has several distinctive features that the other psychic networks do not have. The services that they offer include email readings, chat readings, and webcam readings. Webcam readings are very similar to watching a Youtube video, and you do not have to use a microphone or  webcam to be able to communicate with the available psychic. The communication in Oranum is only thru writing on the chat box and the reader available will reply on your screen in real time. On the other hand, if you do have a mic and a webcam, you may also talk directly to your psychic as well.

What is a Physic Reading?

A psychic reading is an attempt to perceive, understand and discover information with the use of keen perceptive gifts or natural additions to the basic senses of sound, sight, taste, touch, and instinct. These are claimed to be specified as clairvoyance for vision, clairaudience for hearing, clairsentience for feeling, and claircognizance for factual knowing.

This service is the main assistance that Oranum offers. This is normally linked with paranormal-based session given for a fee in various settings such as at psychic fairs, at home, over the phone, and now even online.

Psychic reading a pseudoscience where a cold reading procedure permits psychics to have superficially explicit information about a person from shared cues and comprehensive statements.

How is Oranum Different from Other Sources?                                                     

Oranum claims that they are the first spiritual and psychic community ever to be offering free and live chat to their customers across the globe. This site connects psychics, clairvoyants, healers, astrologers, tarot masters, and more coming from all over the globe with the users who want a perception of their life, career, relationship, and a lot more.

This site varies from many of the other networks such as Psychic Source and Keen. The readers available don’t do their readings thru phone, rather they offer a psychic chat by video, as mentioned above, where you can be able to watch, see and hear the available psychic as he or she performs her service via Oranum and you may talk to them by typing/chat.

Unlike the other various online psychic networks, this service screens their psychic applicants personally. Each psychic undergoes series of exams thru their own techniques. They search for the applicants’ desire to help and their strong abilities, particularly psychic and spiritual, in order for them give the best among the best to the customers.

This psychic video chat is an excellent way of having a psychic reading, more especially if you do not feel comfortable enough to talk to a reader by the use of the phone. Also, it gives more assurance and understanding because you are able to see every move that the psychic performs.

What Kinds of Psychic Services Offered?

Three types of readings are offered: chat, e-mail, and web cam. While it is unfortunate that it does not offer any telephone readings, the reality that they give web cam readings totally make up for it. With web cams, customers of Oranum can actually see what psychic reader performs as they give their reading. This provides a more personal and intimate experience.

Also stated above, webcam readings are just like watching a Youtube video. If your computer has a web cam installed, the psychics may be able to see and communicate with you through that as well. Conversely, if you do not have a webcam, it is no big deal. Generally, the chat box is used to talk to your readers. Also, if you have a microphone, you may use it too while your readers communicate to you via their web cam in real time.

Other than the different psychic services that the site offers, it also extends free horoscope information to its users and visitors. These horoscope information were organized very thoroughly. With its desire of multinational focus, they present their horoscope in a variety of sorts. They are not restricted with only the usual Western Horoscope, but it also comes in Chinese, Aztec, and Mayan astrology. With this, it possibly is one of the most complete and comprehensive horoscope bases available on the web.

How does it Work?

Registering in Oranum is free. All you have to do is provide a username and by the time you have joined with your e-mail address and basic personal information, you should select your psychic. This is where the best part starts—a free chat with a reader can be made every time there is an online psychic. This gives the chance to connect. Furthermore, if that that particular psychic cannot assist and give you to have the responses you are looking for, you can go ahead and move to another reader and you need not to worry about any kind of fees whatsoever.

In the process when you are in the free chat in Oranum and your reader is getting prepared to perform to you your reading, you may be able to add credits to your account and pay for that reading. And then, the only thing you have to do to begin the reading is to select “Start Consultation” on the page of the psychic, and then the private reading will now start.

How much does it Cost?

The users start with the free chat and eventually, the actual reading’s pricing differs from one psychic to another. There are no existing special advantages, free readings, or discounts for the new visitors, but with Oranum’s free chat, you are still going to receiving something of worth. It also uses credits that users may purchase with their credit card to pay for their readings.

Several promotions may be available at one point or another at any given time. There are times when there will be different promotions, for instance, there will be free credits or some free VIP readings. Some promotion will require you to do a task such as be a fan on Facebook or actually take part in the different posts by commenting, liking, or sharing. Another way to earn credits is to write a good Oranum app review on devices like Android and Apple. In other circumstances, there will be chances into winning a free VIP reading with the best readers on the network, or to win a few credits each month.

Were there any Customer Complaints?

Frankly, there aren’t many customer complaints with their experience with Oranum. A small number of the rare complaints are that there are a few psychics who were rude. And a majority of those are just the other people who do not believe in psychics. This few and far between negative feedbacks is a great indication that the site is running  smoothly and with good overalls. This may also mean that it may even be one of the best psychic networks online. Needless to say, users should always check the profile, reading history, and their feedback to know more about the psychic, be able to understand him or her more, and know what to expect with the kind of service they may delivered before thinking to move forward with them.

How Good is this Site All in All?

Indeed, there may be countless of various online psychic networks across the globe, but Oranum is an exceptional network—and probably only one of its kind. You can not only use a web cam to watch and communicate with your reader, you also have the opportunity to chat with them for free before having to pay for their services. This is a feature that is very seldom heard of. Not to mention it is the only psychic service that lets its users to chat with their psychics free of charge prior to them agreeing to conduct a private and paid session. If you are ever interested in discerning the perception of their life, gaining spiritual advice, attaining clarity, finding meaning, and a whole lot more, Oranum is definitely one of the best networks in the industry.

Yes, the website relatively easy to use, and useful. It is straightforward and easy to tell which psychic reader is online and available or busy. Most of the psychics perform a great job in providing useful. But then again, there are a few are difficult to ascertain if they are of value based from their expertise and history.

Nevertheless, the idea of having a quick and easy way to connect with high quality, competent, and excellent psychics with the use of a webcam is probably the greatest feature of the site. All in all, Oranum is a great site for online psychic reading service. Visit their website now and be able to experience their extraordinary service.