Latex Mattresses for Ache Free Sleep

Contrary to misconceptions, Talalay is not a brand for latex mattresses. Talalay latex mattresses are called as such because of the process used in the manufacture of the latex.

Latex is rubber foam. When you hear the word foam, you would visualize a light substance that has a lot of air bubbles in it, just like the foamy milk on top of your favorite hot cappuccino. And that’s basically what is rubber foam — a rubber material with lots and lots of air bubbles inside.

The air bubbles have special purpose: they give the mattress the bouncy feeling; thermal insulating effect and the breathability that our bodies need while pressed on the mattress for 8 hours every night.

Latex mattresses are very dense. Thus your body gets the firm support. And yet the air bubbles inside keeps you cool and provides the softness that allows the bed to follow the contour of your body.

What’s Special with Talalay Latex Mattresses?

When latex mattresses were first manufactured, 100% all-natural rubber sap was used until World War II came and the raw material became scarce.

Eventually, mattresses used synthetic latex. During this time, the Dunlop method of processing was used.

As technology progressed, Talalay process came about as an improvement to the Dunlop method.

Talalay latex mattresses are made using the standard method with more expensive equipments and with additional steps.

The main problem that Talalay latex mattress solved in the standard method is the inconsistency of cellular structure of the old finished products. This inconsistency comes about because of 2 major reasons: the air that is contained in the blended liquid isn’t vacuumed out prior to setting; and gravity causes the particles in the mixture to settle to the bottom before the air-injected liquid solidifies.

Talalay process added vacuuming out of the air from the partial mixture before adding the rest into the mold and blast freezing the mixture to prevent the particles from settling to the bottom. This process produced Talalay latex mattresses that are consistent in the cellular composition all throughout the whole mattress. With even bubbles and particles all over, the softness, resiliency and firmness are the same no matter where you lie down or sit.

Less Pressure from Latex Mattress means Better Bloodflow

While asleep, our body repairs itself. Blood distributes the nutrients needed throughout the body by travelling through our capillaries. Blood also distributes the much-needed oxygen to our brain for a well-rested sleep.

Have you ever waked up in the morning after 8 hours of sleep feeling sluggish and not fully recovered? There could be many reasons. It may be that your bedroom mattress is too small for your body or that you might need some down comforters for more gentle sleep.

There are a lot of factors to consider but one cause could be bad blood circulation because your mattress id not orthopedically designed to follow the contour of your body. This causes pressure on your muscles and the capillaries. With better blood flow, we wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Talalay latex mattresses have been found to provide superior pressure relief and orthopedic support.

Wake up to a more relaxed morning with the best latex mattress and without back pain.