Jabong Review

Recently, e-commerce is caching a considerable amount of popularity and vogue in India. However, not many of us comprehend what e-commerce is precisely? Well, literally, it is the buying and selling of products or services by the businesses or service providers online. This phenomenon has created a prodigious impact on business models worldwide and hence, they are transforming drastically. “Customer is the King” concept is re-instated with the help of this significant engaging tool. It intensifies the price competition in the market and dispenses immense choices to the end-buyer. Technologically, an e-commerce website encompasses a wide range of functionalities and technical processes. Let us try to understand features of a good e-commerce website and what makes it nonpareil.
Prevalently, online shopping websites leverage on the rising internet penetration. The recent boost in online shopping is due to recuperative trust level of the shoppers. These websites have a region-wide presence to overcome numerous logistic problems. A contemplative research about various offered features revealed which one is the forerunner out of them. Jabong, comparatively a recent player, seizes your attention promptly. It is a Pure-Click e-commerce website, unlike a Brick and Click website where the company has an existing physical outlet for shopping.  A comprehensive customer-centric approach is their pre-dominant business driver.
The website’s landing page has a contemporary look. It exerts a vibrant image and reinforces distinct features for the shopper’s ease. It augments the competitiveness and the efficiency of the website. Jabong.com is thoughtfully designed and has search optimized pages that rank high in search options. It has an integrated payment method and accepts all major credit cards. Their shipping partners include trusted names like FedEx, First Flight and DTDC.
Jabong.com has also come up with their own courier team which is known as JaVAS which is active in 38 cities. They have their own website (gojavas.com) through which customers can track their orders.
 A well positioned and pronounced search box is a powerful feature of this website. It enhances ‘Discoverability’ and enthralls the user to search for a specific product effortlessly. This forms the base of a robust navigation system evolved for a gratifying shopping experience.


Salient links to social media pages like Facebook, Newsletter sign up and latest offers are placed strategically.
The website is responsive and follows an institutive product navigation methodology. The product categories are well organized and administer swift navigation facility. The Verisign logo on the top manifests that all the information and data exchange is secured and encrypted.
Registration is an effortless 2-step process here. Their home page has all the essential links like privacy policy, payment options, terms and conditions, contact details etc. The 30 day return policy is their USP. To note this policy does not apply on Fragrances, Beauty Products, Jewellery, Inner wear and Lingerie. This proclaims the optimum product and service quality exhibited by the website.
Furthermore, it illustrates a tailor-made product navigation bar on the left side of your account page. This enables chronological sorting of products based on price, product or brand.
 The web pages endorse products in an enticing way, expressive enough to furnish the features exhaustively. An accurate and high resolution image of the product can be viewed upon selection. Additionally, the save cart functionality provides updated stock information, product summary and shipping estimates that makes the whole shopping experience complacent.

Hence, a new star is born in the e-commerce domain that has already carved its niche by state-of-the art concepts. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”, Jabong unquestionably has all the ingredients to become a consummate leader.