Irisreading Review

Iris Reading is a globally recognized and trusted provider of speed reading courses. The online modules and live classes are ideal for those who wish to improve their reading speed and comprehension systematically.

Their course system therefore particularly addresses college students, professionals and individuals. Essential online courses start from $75. Live classes start from $199.

Foundation Course

The Foundation course (view course website) aims to generally improve your reading speed and to introduce you to different concepts of speed reading. It also provides information and exercises about the fundamental strategies to strengthen your comprehension and retention skills. The latter will be essential to understand, process and remember information. The Foundation course includes 5-hours of video content, essential materials and bonuses such the Speed Reading for Digital Readers course, a free e-book improve concentration and a report with 30 tips to improve memory skills. This is the best speed reading course for beginners.

Mastery Course

This is an advanced online class introducing more complex techniques such as word group reading or high-speed comprehension strategies. It will also teach techniques to comprehend materials with more technical contents. This course is suitable for those who already have basic fast reading skills and wish to take these skills onto a more advanced level. The Mastery Course consists of ten video lessons and three bonus webinars offered for free. This class will also help students to apply learned methods on tests such as ACT, GRE, MCAT, SAT, GMAT or LSAT.

Advanced Comprehension & Memory Course

This Iris course aims to take your comprehensions skills to the next level. It also focuses on memory techniques to increase vocabulary or remember names easily. The module includes 30 instructional videos and 14 hours of unique content covering topics on how to read fiction and non-fiction material in the most effective way. As a bonus you will get ‘The Substitute Word System’ and three educational guides that expand on the topic. It’s the best class if you want to focus on reading retention.

Which course is the best?
Beginners may start out with the Foundation course, which is the most popular one, and then continue either with the Mastery or Comprehension class. All modules can also be downloaded and used on mobile devices.