HotelsCombined Review

Booking a hotel online can be quite tasking, with numerous booking websites that you have to visit and search thoroughly just to be able to spot the best prices. Scrolling through a single website alone can take a big chunk of your time — imagine having to do the task several times. Why give yourself the hassle of going through several booking sites when you can simply view all of the rates in just one place? HotelsCombined curates hotel listings from different websites so you can see and score the lowest rates, all while keeping your preferences in check. Don’t go anywhere; keep reading this review and find out how HotelsCombined brings convenience and ease of finding your most suitable to the table.


  1. Compare prices from different sites: HotelsCombined acts as one big basin where all rates from various hotel booking websites are pooled for your convenience. Instead of having to visit them separately, this one saves you the time and effort by presenting them all in one page, so you can easily see and compare the prices from each of the websites and easily pick the one most suitable to your budget. You can also check specific terms and conditions with each room offer, like waived cancellation fees, breakfast inclusions, and reserve now, pay later offers.
  2. Tailor-fit filtering options: Just like your trusted search engine, HotelsCombined gives you multiple filtering options so the hotels that match your needs and preferences would come on top. These include star ratings, price, distance from a specific place, property type, guest ratings, hotel features, and themes. You can also sort them from the highest to the lowest in terms of recommendation, stars, distance, price, and guest rating.
  3. Book while on the go: With a downloadable app available for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices, you can easily scroll through hotels with HotelsCombined and book a room with a few taps of your finger. You can expect all of the features and functions in their app, so you can search and select the hotels as you normally would in your desktop browser, only in a more portable form, so you can continue to look for the best hotels whenever you want, wherever you are.
  4. Hot and blazing deals: HotelsCombined has a special Hot Deals section that gives you special deals on the hotels based on the location that you have entered. You can save up to 50% off on hotel rates by scrolling through this list, which also contains complete information about the hotels and rooms so you can see if you will not be getting just a cheap version of a regular room. Moreover, you can choose to view the prices with taxes included, so there won’t be any surprises when you proceed to book and pay for the room and be greeted with higher-than-expected amounts.


  1. Contact with customer support is limited: The only possible downside with HotelsCombined is that the only way to contact their customer support team is by leaving a message in their contact page. Of course, they do have a FAQ page which contains information on pre-booking and booking procedures, but you won’t find anything else in this section. They do refer you to the booking website or the actual hotel for any questions related to booking and services, which is indeed more effective since you will be getting answers straight from the source. Still, giving customers another means to contact their own support team would have been more favorable to the website’s users.


HotelsCombined provides a venue where you can conveniently check and see the hotel rates from different booking websites, helping you easily find the sweetest deal for your dream hotel vacation without having to waste time scouring the web. It is the one-stop-destination to find your perfect accommodation, complete with filtering options and price comparison features, and even a best price guarantee to boot. Though they can do better by providing more efficient means of reaching their support team, for the service that they offer, their performance is nothing short of stellar. Head over to HotelsCombined now and find the hotel that is perfect for you!