Headphones For Travelers


Cooler Master

Thursday (09/04) launches headphones aimed at people who love to travel, namely HC-300and HS-500.

Both headphones are using HDSS technology, a breakthrough technology that eliminates the distortion that can move more freely.

Model HC-300 is a pair of ear phones that are suitable for smartphones with three pairs of soft silicone pads for the ears. Bass Enhanced integrated technology to improve sound quality.

This model features a built-in remote and mic, where the user is able to adjust volume, playback, and answer the phone quickly. HC-300 has three colors, white, black and red, priced at $29,90 US dollars.

While the model HS-500, is a practical headphones. Where these headphones can be folded into a more compact. This model is supported driver Neodymium magnets (NdFeB) with a diameter of 34mm with CCAW voice coils.

Made of aluminum, which makes the HS-500 is more powerful and lighter making it suitable for use by tourists. HS-500 is priced at $45,00 US dollars with a choice of black and silver.